Hosting Resources

In order to help you have a successful hosting experience, we’ve put together some resources that we think will provide you with everything you need for the Retreat.

Promotional Downloads

We have lots of digital marketing tools including church bulletin inserts, posters, flyers, and email templates that you can use for the purpose of promoting the Retreat. All of the materials are customizable so that you can utilize them in whatever way suits you best. We also encourage host churches to put the Retreat logo and description on their website as an additional form of promotion.

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Tech Support

If you are having technical issues during the live event, please review the technical section of the hosting tips, or call our support line at 214-281-3386.

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Will we have a trial run before the event to ensure the simulcast runs smoothly?

Yes. We will provide a few different opportunities for you to test the live stream. This information will be discussed in detail with your Work as Worship Specialist. 

You can easily determine whether you meet the 5–10 Mbps standard by testing your internet speed at the following link:

What if our city has a snow storm and people cannot make it to the church?

In the event of a weather emergency we will email a secure link to registered attendees that will allow them to view the simulcast from their home or mobile devices.

If any buffer time happens during the simulcast, will the simulcast pick up where it left off or skip ahead to the live stream?

Performing the suggested tech tests will go a long way towards preventing any buffering issues. If the stream does experience buffering or needs to be reloaded, it will automatically resume to the “live” timing of the event. However, the software we use functions like a DVR and can be paused, replayed, rewound, and moved forward. This will prevent you from missing any of the content during the event.

How much bandwidth will it take to stream the Retreat?

Most high-speed internet connections will be able to support the simulcast. You don’t need to have state-of-the-art facilities. If you can stream videos from a service like RightNow Media or Netflix without interruption, there’s a good chance the simulcast will work just the same. But, we still suggest verifying your internet service capabilities and any data caps that might be in place at your church. The recommended download speed is 5–10 Mbps for the highest video quality. You should also take into account that your internet bandwidth is probably shared throughout your facility. Allowing attendees to use your Wifi or streaming other videos throughout the building can slow down your internet speed. We recommend asking people to stay off Wifi during the conference or making sure you have enough bandwidth for both the simulcast and attendees using the facility’s Wifi.

Will we have an opportunity to speak directly with your tech team?

Yes. We will have a Work as Worship Specialist assigned to your church and an event day support team available to help walk you through any issues. Performing the suggested tech tests ahead of time will help reduce any technical headaches that could arise during the event.

Sermon Resources

We’re excited to partner with you in presenting the Work as Worship message. It is our hope that you devote a Sunday to preaching and teaching through the Work as Worship message. Check out these free resources to get started.

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Check out our frequently asked questions for more details about hosting and registration for your church getting started.

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