An opportunity to inspire and encourage Christian business owners, CEOs, and leaders in your church.

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Patrick Lencioni

Matt Chandler

Joel Manby

Anne Beiler

New York Times Best-Selling Author of The Five Dysfunctions of a Team

Lead Pastor

The Village Church

Dallas, TX

President & CEO of SeaWorld and Author of Love Works

Founder of Auntie Anne’s, Speaker, and Author of Twist of Faith

Phil Vischer

Christopher Brooks

Norm Miller

Tom Nelson

Creator of VeggieTales and Founder of Jellyfish Labs

Senior Pastor

Evangel Ministries

Detroit, MI

Chairman of Interstate Batteries

President of Made to Flourish and Senior Pastor at Christ Community Church

Kelly Shackelford

Bryant Ambelang

+ More to Come!

CEO of First Liberty Institute and frequent guest on FOX, CNN, ABC, and NBC

CEO of NatureSweet Tomatoes

Join thousands of churches across the country that will host a 1-day Work as Worship retreat on February 23, 2018.

Imagine spending a day at your church interacting with, praying with, and encouraging the business leaders from your congregation. The Work as Worship Retreat is our way of partnering with you so you can invest in the men and women who lead businesses in your community. You simply supply the venue and we provide simulcasted content rich with biblical teaching and practical advice from seasoned Christian speakers.

No host license fee!

By registering to become a host site, you won’t have to pay the thousands of dollars it typically costs to host a leadership event.

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Join over 1,700

other churches already registered to host a retreat!

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Why is this Retreat important?

The Work as Worship Retreat is designed with your church in mind. Your church is made up of men and women who spend the majority of their week in the workplace. As Christians, they face many challenges in today’s culture and they need your encouragement. They serve as an extension of your church as they work and lead in the community at-large. You have a unique opportunity to help them be the hands and feet of Jesus to those who might not otherwise set foot in a church. That’s why we decided to step in and provide a way for you to specifically minister to them. Many business leaders are unsure of how to connect their faith and work. They might have a sense of how their faith impacts their parenting and marriage and giving, but can lose sight of how their faith intersects with their role as a business leader. The Retreat seeks to teach the Work as Worship message while empowering the local church to serve its business leaders.

What is our role as a church?

While the Retreat is a national event, it’s also a local event. Since you provide a space to meet, we will equip you with the tools you need to maximize the Retreat in your context. Your role is to invite the business leaders of your church and create an atmosphere of encouragement and validation. During the event itself, the opening devotional and lunchtime are available for you to invite local leaders to speak—such as a local pastor or another leader in the community. We hope to create an opportunity for you to minister to the Christian leaders within your congregation.


Friday, February 23, 2018

The event will either start at 7:30 AM or 8:30 AM local time, depending on your time zone (choose from the list below).

On the day of the Retreat, the event will broadcast according to the 4 time zones represented in the mainland U.S. (PST, MST, CST, and EST). Host sites in North and South America will access the content based on their respective time zones. The live Retreat will begin at 7:30AM CST. The live stream of the event in Dallas will be delayed for those in Pacific and Mountain time zones in order for them to begin at 7:30AM local time. Those in the Eastern time zone will begin at 8:30AM.


For any host site located outside of the U.S. in a time zone not listed above, we will allow access to the recorded live stream for up to 24 hours after the live event. We suggest hosting the Retreat at 7:30AM local time on Saturday, February 24, 2018.

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